Family History Association of North Queensland

FHANQ Remote Graves Index

Compiled by John Sweet for the Family History Association of North Queensland Inc

Over the years the association has built up a collection of items relating to remote graves in North Queensland and to a lesser extent, elsewhere in Australia.

This has been collated into book form by one of our members, Mr John Sweet and is held at our Library in Townsville.

For researchers unable to visit in person, we can provide extracts from this collection which, in most cases, will include a gravestone inscription and location. In some instances there are historical notes gathered from newspapers and other local sources. For several of the entries there are photographs available of the actual sites.

Cost is as follows:

Per name - extract of all information held:AUS$  2.00 or 4 AUS Stamps
Per name - 1 photo plus extract:AUS$  8.00
Per name - 2 photos plus extract:AUS$10.00
Photo only:AUS$  5.00

Overseas readers may send notes in their own currency or International Reply Coupons to the approximate values as noted but not Bank Cheques please. Back to Top

Orders should be mailed to:

The Secretary
PO Box 3659
Hermit Park Queensland 4812

Please state the name/s in which you are interested together with your return address. The extracts can be emailed if you prefer.

To locate a person click on the letter corresponding to the first letter of the person's last name. This will take you to the top of the listings for that letter.


SURNAMEGiven Name/sLocationDiedPhotos
AGNEWMariaBowen district, N.Q.1886 
AHLERSGeorge HenryPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1951 
ALLANHenryPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890 
ALLENJamesCairns district, F.N.Q.  
ALLEYGeorge GorhamGordonvale district, F.N.Q.19301
ALLEYHelene Alivine MarieGordonvale district, F.N.Q.19361
ALLEYMaryGordonvale district, F.N.Q.18871
ALLEYMary EllenGordonvale district, F.N.Q.19431
ALLEYWilliam SaundersGordonvale district, F.N.Q.18891
ALLEYWilliam SaundersGordonvale district, F.N.Q.19771
ANNAKERHenryDalrymple, N.Q.1880 
ARNELLGeorgeIngham district, N.Q.1919 
ASHMALLCharlesBowen district, N.Q.1882 
ATKINSONConstance CharlotteCardwell district, N.Q.19491
ATKINSONRobert JamesCardwell district, N.Q.19391
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BAILEYCharles JamesCalliope district, central Qld.1926 
BAILEYGeorge EdwardCharters Towers, N.Q.19111
BAKERArnold AlbertMingela, N.Q.19941
BANFIELDBerthaDunk Island, N.Q.1933 
BANFIELDEdmund JamesDunk Island, N.Q.1923 
BARNARDSydney AlgernonPort Douglas, F.N.Q.18851
BARRETTCharlieHome Hill district, N.Q.1984 
BARRETTWilliam Thomas"Gregory Downs" station, Qld.19221
BARROWJohn S.(location unknown)19041
BAUDINOIsobel ValentineMingela, N.Q.19511
BAWDENS(Some unmarked graves)Mingela district, N.Q.  
BELLJohn HenryTownsville district, N.Q.1875 
BIDWELLJohn CarneMaryborough district, Q.1853 
BLACKWELLRichardWaverley Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.19201
BLACKWELLSarahGordonvale district, F.N.Q.19291
BLACKWELLWillieGordonvale district, F.N.Q. 1
BLAKEFlorence HelenaPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1889 
BLAKEWalterEtheridge, N.Q.1907 
BORCKG. A.Palmer River district, F.N.Q.1882 
BOWTONF. J.Bustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1905 
BOWTONKatherine E.Bustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1940 
BOYDHerbert JamesPrairie, Western Qld.1950 
BOYDJames AlfredPrairie, Western Qld.1950 
BRABYAda Ellen MaryTownsville, N.Q.18871
BRABYAlice Sydney AugustusTownsville, N.Q.18871
BRABYMaryTownsville, N.Q.18981
BRAYLionelBowen district, N.Q.1905 
BROWNJohnTownsville district, N.Q.1922 
BROWNRuby Edna(sympathy card)19901
BROWNW. J.Coen district, F.N.Q.1945 
BROWNEEvaNambour district, S.E. Qld.18971
BRYANTHenry HerbertElsey Cemetery19381
BRYCEJamesMt. Garnett district, F.N.Q.1902 
BUTLERAshleyCardwell district, N.Q.  
BUTLERFlorenceCardwell district, N.Q.1970 
BUTLERMary MulreaneyCardwell district, N.Q.1969 
BUTLERShirley ThomasCardwell district, N.Q.  
BUTLERThomas OrmondCardwell district, N.Q.1965 
BUTLERThomas RamsayCardwell district, N.Q.  
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CALLAGHANPatMitchell River district, F.N.Q.1911 
CAMERONAliceBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.18921
CAMPBELLA. H.Magnetic Island, N.Q.1933 
CAMPBELLElizabethMagnetic Island, N.Q.1921 
CAMPBELLJoseph ThomasBowen district, N.Q.  
CAMPBELLWalterPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1889 
CASPANIMartin HenryMingela district, N.Q.19711
CASPANIPeter RobertMingela, N.Q.19881
CASPANIRichard DomenicMingela district, N.Q.19891
CASPANIVivian JosephMingela, N.Q.19481
CHAPMANJohannaPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1900 
CLARKAlbert (Hob)Mingela, N.Q.19391
CLARKAliceMingela , N.Q.19141
CLEMESHAZara MaryPrairie, Western Qld.1929 
CLERKRitaCashmere Graves 1
COLEJaneCape Bowling Green, N.Q.1901 
COOKGraham ReubenPrairie, Western Qld.1976 
CORBETTJohnGeorgetown district, F.N.Q.18711
CROFTHerman Adolph(location unknown)1894 
CURRANPeterPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1894 
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DAVIDSONMary Louisa FifootTownsville, N.Q.19051
DAVIESMary(no details)  
DAVIES (nee Traves)Vera MayKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1951 
D'AVISLoisPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1900 
DAYMichaelFossilbrook, Qld.1890 
DENMANGeorgePalmer River district, F.N.Q.1907 
DENMANHeberPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1892 
DESMONDTimothyDalrymple, N.Q.1876 
DIMESAnniePalmer River district, F.N.Q.1886 
DONOGHUEMaryPort Douglas, F.N.Q.1927 
DOYLEBartel Thomas Horrace"Gregory Downs" station, Qld.19181
DRYDENJamesMagnetic Island, N.Q.1883 
DRYDERJamesMagnetic Island, N.Q.1883 
DUFFJohn HarrisPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1880 
DUFFYEllen Mary Imeldia"Carpentaria Downs" station, F.N.Q.  
DUFFYEllen Mary Imeldia"Carpentaria Downs" station, F.N.Q.1872 
DUNNJohn JamesPrairie, Western Qld.1924 
DWYERMichaelCairns district, F.N.Q.18772
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EARLFrancis JohnTownsville district, N.Q.  
EARLThomasCollinsville district, N.Q.1897 
EATONAlbert JoshuaKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1964 
EATONCharlesWoodford, S.E. Qld.1912 
EATONDoris EvelynWoodford, S.E. Qld.1925 
EATONGeorgeWoodford, S.E. Qld.1947 
EATONHannah IsabellaWoodford, S.E. Qld.1930 
EATONHerbert JohnWoodford, S.E. Qld.1917 
EATONIvy LornaKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1952 
ECKFORDJohnHebel, Qld. / N.S.W. border19131
EDWARDSJohnPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1873 
EGERSTROMCarl Alex(location unknown)1900 
ELLIOTTSamPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1986 
ELSONAnnie JanePalmer River district, F.N.Q.1925 
EPWORTHJohnBurketown, F.N.Q.19081
ESCHENHAGENLudwig ErnestRandwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1894 
EVANSAlfred TuckerCunnamulla district, S.W. Qld.1880 
EVANSErnest WynneGulf of Carpentaria, F.N.Q.1933 
EVERETTEsther Patricia HopeBooby Is., Torres Straits, F.N.Q.1925 
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FALKINERDaniel JosephTownsville, N.Q.18801
FARMERPeggyKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1969 
FERGUSONArchibaldBowen district, N.Q.1888 
FERLINGAda MaryKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1968 
FERLINGAdeline MayKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1973 
FERLINGAnnetteKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1939 
FERLINGEllen VictoriaKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1971 
FERLINGGustavKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1966 
FERLINGJoseph ClemensKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1968 
FERLINGJoseph Clemens FerdinandKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1921 
FERLINGMaryKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1941 
FOGDENHenryDalrymple, N.Q.1882 
FOGGD. J.Kilcoy, S.E. Qld.1992 
FOGGHarriet LillianKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1965 
FOGGHenryKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1961 
FOGGNoelene Letitianear Moore, S.E. Qld.1984 
FORBESAdaBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.19061
FORBESJamesBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.19051
FORBESJohn DawsonBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.19201
FORBESKatherine GardinerBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.19191
FORRESTMargaretPort Douglas district, F.N.Q.1889 
FOSTERJohn Thomas EzardCalliope district, central Qld.1910 
FROSTJohn FrederickPrairie, Western Qld.1956 
FURSEArthurPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1892 
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GAFFEstherNorthern Suburbs Cemetery, N.S.W.1941 
GAFFWilliamRockhampton, Qld.  
GALLAGHERAgnesRockhampton district, Q.1898 
GALLAGHERThora MariaMount Surprise, F.N.Q.19161
GARDEW. J.Magnetic Island, N.Q.1900 
GARDNERThomas RamsayCardwell district, N.Q.  
GEBBIEWilliamBowen district, N.Q.1868 
GIBSON(Kate)Bustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1887 
GIBSONMaryBustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1889 
GIBSONNilsBustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1896 
GIBSONTempe BarneyIngham district, N.Q.1899 
GILBYWilliamFlaggy Creek, Qld.1894 
GILESAlan M.Overland Telegraph, N.T.1888 
GODSONJohnTownsville district, N.Q.1886 
GRACEYAlexanderMagnetic Island, N.Q.1926 
GRAINERJoseph ChasPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890 
GRANTJohn ThomasCardwell district, N.Q.1961 
GRANTMrs. (wife of John Thomas)Cardwell district, N.Q.  
GRAYWilliam RalphKarumba, F.N.Q.19301
GREIGWilliam TurnerRichmond district, Western Q.18771
GUNNAeneas JamesElsey Cemetery19031
GUNNJeannieElsey Cemetery19611
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HAMILTONArchie E. J.Gayndah district, Qld.1897 
HAMILTONRobert A.Gayndah district, Qld.1944 
HANNAJames ArthurBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.18931
HATFIELDEmily MariaN.S.W.19081
HATFIELDGeorge HenryN.S.W. 1
HATFIELDHenry GeorgeN.S.W.19281
HATFIELDPercy TheodoreN.S.W.19361
HAWKINSOliver(location unknown)1880 
HAYMabel G.Prairie, Western Qld.1940 
HEADyScrubby Creek, Qld.1890 
HENRICKM.On "Brunette Downs", N.T.1951 
HENSONBridget MaryPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1891 
HILBERTJacobMitchell River district, F.N.Q.1900 
HOBSONJames WalterKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1982 
HOBSONVera EvelynKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1972 
HORNECecil Edwinnear Moore, S.E. Qld.1916 
HORNEEnochWoodford, S.E. Qld.1904 
HORNEEthelnear Moore, S.E. Qld.1983 
HORNEEva Phoebenear Moore, S.E. Qld.1934 
HORNEFranknear Moore, S.E. Qld.1959 
HORNEFredericknear Moore, S.E. Qld.1964 
HORNEHarrietWoodford, S.E. Qld.1886 
HORNEReginald Enochnear Moore, S.E. Qld.1972 
HORNEWilliamWoodford, S.E. Qld.1907 
HORNUNGGottliebBowen district, N.Q.1900 
HOUSCHILDT Daly River district, F.N.Q.1884 
HOVELLAlbert RossCooktown, F.N.Q.1888 
HOVELLFrederickBustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1911 
HOWEWilliam Francis SeymourGordonvale, F.N.Q.1939 
HUGHES Elsey Cemetery18981
HUTCHINSONSarahRandwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1944 
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IRWINT. J.Calliope district, central Qld.1900 
JENNERLouiseBoonah district, S.E. Qld.1880 
JENSENNina ElizabethCalliope district, central Qld.1921 
JONESNorman HallKarumba, F.N.Q.18981
JOYCEDeburghRandwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1918
KAYEstherRandwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1938 
KAYJohnRandwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1922 
KEATINGJ. W. H.Kuranda, F.N.Q.1903 
KEIRAnnieTownsville, N.Q.18702
KEIRCatherineTownsville, N.Q.18941
KEIRJamesTownsville, N.Q.19142
KEIRJames TalfordTownsville, N.Q.18861
KEIRJeanTownsville, N.Q.18652
KEIRJean CemmellTownsville, N.Q.18652
KEIRMargaretTownsville, N.Q.18771
KEIRSarah AnnTownsville, N.Q.19172
KELLYCatherineDalrymple, N.Q.1879 
KELLYPatrick"Brunette Downs" station, N.T.19052
KELSODanielMingela district, N.Q.19051
KENLeeElsey Cemetery19031
KENRICKE. A.Gordonvale, F.N.Q.1938 
KINGEvelyn MyrtleKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1966 
KINGHenry ArcherKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1981 
KIRKPATRICKGeorge CrichtonN.S.W.18961
KLUCKValmai OliveBarrine, Qld.1935 
KRIESELClaraPrairie, Western Qld.1946 
KRIESELFriederich G. A.Prairie, Western Qld.1947 
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LA MONTKathleen ElishCardwell district, N.Q.19191
LAMBTONGeorge StanleyBowen district, N.Q.1871 
LANDERS Daly River district, F.N.Q.1884 
LANDSBOROUGHGeorgiana SothersBowen district, N.Q.1867 
LANDSBOROUGHJamesBowen district, N.Q.1866 
LANGTONMaryTownsville district, N.Q.1873 
LAWSONJohnPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890 
LESTONEAnnCharters Towers, N.Q.19111
LESTONEGeorge EdwardCharters Towers, N.Q.19101
LEWISHarryDalrymple, N.Q.1884 
LIFUCharlesFar North Queensland1916 
LINDENFrederick OttoPrairie, Western Qld.1933 
LLEWELLYNAlice EmmaPrairie, Western Qld.1962 
LOFTUS-TOTTENHAMFrancis CornwallisBowen district, N.Q.1894 
LONGBOTHAMLucyBowen district, N.Q.1897 
LONGFIELDGeorge AugustusBowen district, N.Q.1871 
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MacKENZIEAlexanderPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1891 
MacLEANJohn ShandDawson River district, Qld.1862 
MACREJohnHome Hill district, N.Q.1880 
MANNAlexanderLaura district, F.N.Q.1875 
MANNINGMichael GregoryPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890 
MANSERChas C.Hebel, Qld. / N.S.W. border18961
MARTINSONAndrewBoomnoo Tramway, Qld.1901 
McALELSEJ. K.Palmer River district, F.N.Q.  
McCLELLANDAnnieMingela district, N.Q.19192
McCLELLANDJosephMingela district, N.Q.19612
McCROHONHenry W.Mareeba, F.N.Q.1888 
McDERMOTTPeterLaura district, F.N.Q.1884 
McDONALDRanaldBowen district, N.Q.1867 
McGILVERYJohnCaboolture district, S.E. Qld.1882 
McGRATHBillMareeba district, F.N.Q.1971 
McKEESusannahLady Elliott Is., near Bundaberg, Q.1907 
McKENNAAudreyPrairie, Western Qld.1932 
McKENNAJimPrairie, Western Qld.1946 
McKENNAMervynPrairie, Western Qld.1938 
McLELLANDMargaretRavenswood, N.Q.1902 
McLELLANDMargaretRavenswood, N.Q.1921 
McLELLANDMinnieRavenswood, N.Q.1894 
McLEODJohnElsey Cemetery19601
McNAUGHTONMaryCalliope district, central Qld.1924 
McNEILWilliam MilneTownsville district, N.Q.1897 
MERRYJessie TheodoraN.S.W.18961
MILLARWm.Elsey Cemetery19011
MILLSMinnieBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.18861
MINGSueScrubby Creek, Qld.1899 
MITCHELLMargaret McCulloughTownsville, N.Q.19022
MORRISEdithIngham district, N.Q.18861
MORRISLisle HindmarshRichmond district, Western Q.  
MULLIGANPatrickTownsville, N.Q.19001
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NATHANJim Walter ByronBoulia district, Western Q.1894 
NEAVESWilliamElsey Cemetery19021
NOLTENIUS Daly River district, F.N.Q.1884 
NYM "Lawn Hill" station, Western Qld.1889 
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O'BRIENThomasMingela, N.Q.19211
O'CONNORJeremiahPrairie, Western Qld.1912 
O'CONNORJohannaPrairie, Western Qld.1930 
O'CONNORMichaelPrairie, Western Qld.1940 
O'DONNELLJackKarumba, F.N.Q.19241
O'DONOGHUEPatrickDalrymple, N.Q.1877 
OLSENEmily MaryMingela, N.Q.19601
OLSENThomas HenryMingela, N.Q.19811
O'NEILLBabyMingela, N.Q.19121
O'NEILLLizzie AngeliniPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890 
OSBORNEJohnPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890
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PALMER>William HallEmerald district, Western Q.1868 
PARSONSWilliam DunkinPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1895 
PECKHAMHenry VentliaElsey Cemetery19111
PEGLARA. H.Randwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1918 
PERCIVALCharlesPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1878 
PERRYJaneMungindi, Qld. / N.S.W. border18881
PHILLIPSPhoebe JaneLady Elliott Is., near Bundaberg, Q.1896 
PHILPJohnTownsville, N.Q.18911
PHILPMary Ann WylieTownsville, N.Q.18731
POWERAlfredBustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1889 
POWERMichaelBowen district, N.Q.1872 
POWERThomasWeipa district, F.N.Q.1930 
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QUINNWilliam JosephMingela, N.Q.19121
RAAENEveline MyrtleKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1915 
RAMSAYJohn WilliamMingela, N.Q.19831
RAMSAYRaymond RobertMingela, N.Q.19781
RANDALLWilliam John"Gregory Downs" station, Qld.19091
RANGERINGSamBarron River district, F.N.Q.1903 
RAYMONDV. C.Elsey Cemetery19681
REDDACLIFFJamesBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.19151
REIDDavid GeorgeSouth Mission Beach, N.Q.1914 
REMFREYS. T. T.Prairie, Western Qld.1949 
ROBERTSKateCharters Towers district, N.Q.1873 
ROBERTSWilliamWoolaman Creek, Qld.1906 
ROBERTSONJames AlbertN.S.W.18841
ROBERTSONRuby FoxtonN.S.W.18941
ROBINSJohnDalrymple, N.Q.1880 
ROBINSONGeorgeWaroona, Qld.1902 
ROBSONJamesAtherton Tablelands, F.N.Q.1903 
ROBSONSarahAtherton Tablelands, F.N.Q.1906 
ROSSAliceCalliope district, central Qld.1918 
ROSSDonaldDalby district, Western Q.1862 
ROSSElvina AdelaideDawson River district, Qld.1907 
ROSSElvina Susan AndersonGayndah district, central Qld.1858 
ROSSEric SutherlandCroydon district, F.N.Q.1910 
ROSSJames JohnDalby district, Western Q.1872 
ROSSJessie AgnesCroydon district, F.N.Q.1901 
ROSSJessie BathoGayndah district, central Qld.1863 
ROSSJohn Hay MacKenzieDawson River district, Qld.1902 
ROSSMaryRoma district, western Qld.1923 
ROSSMaryRoma district, western Qld.1872 
ROSSSarah SutherlandGayndah district, central Qld.1865 
RUNGEBeatrice M.Kilcoy, S.E. Qld.1957 
RUNGEDaphne IvyKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1941 
RUNGEHenry F.Kilcoy, S.E. Qld.1940 
RUNGEThomas HoltKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1907 
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SANGSTERJamesIpswich, S.E. Qld.1893 
SAVAGER. W.Prairie, Western Qld.1898 
SAVAGERobertPrairie, Western Qld.1900 
SAWDONE.Fitzroy River, northern Australia1925 
SCHOLLERT Daly River district, F.N.Q.1884 
SCROCCIEIsabellaMingela district, N.Q.18951
SEALJuliaBrunswick Heads, N.S.W. 1
SEIBELConradPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1875 
SEIBELMarriePalmer River district, F.N.Q.1902 
SELLHEIMLaura TheresaPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1878 
SHEPHERDHenry KnightlyPrairie, Western Qld.1944 
SMALLElizabeth MitchellCape Bowling Green, N.Q.1904 
SMITHAda GertrudeBrunswick Heads, N.S.W.18861
SMITHWilliam KnightlyPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1882 
SORENSENJens H.buried Bird Island, Qld.1870s 
ST GEORGEJanePalmer River district, F.N.Q.1886 
STANLEYWilliam L.Weipa district, F.N.Q.1957 
STEWARTSamuelDalby district, Western Q.1851 
STONECharlieMingela district, N.Q.19081
STRAUJohannPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1876 
SUGARSAnnieMingela, N.Q.19361
SUGARSMorrisMingela, N.Q.19431
SYMONDSCatherineDalrymple, N.Q.1879 
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TAYLORJamesTownsville, N.Q.19191
TAYLORJohnPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1891 
TEASDALEWilliam HenryPrairie, Western Qld.1916 
THOMPSONGeorge EmilPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1893 
THOMPSONJames BryceTownsville, N.Q.19021
THOMPSONJames WilliamDalrymple, N.Q.1880 
THOMPSONSamuelMusgrave Telegraph Station, Qld.1919 
THOMPSONWilliamPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1890 
TILLEYE. W. R.Randwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1930 
TILLEYJohnRandwick Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W.1935 
TOMLINSONSarahTownsville, N.Q.19141
TOMLINSONWilliamTownsville, N.Q. 1
TRAVESAda MaryKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1953 
TRAVESAnnie ElizabethKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1948 
TRAVESArthur WilliamKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1960 
TRAVESCharles BertramKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1944 
TRAVESCharlotteKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1920 
TRAVESClement JosephKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1958 
TRAVESErnest VereKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1944 
TRAVESErnest WilliamKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1973 
TRAVESFlorence ElizaKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1954 
TRAVESMargaret AnnKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1961 
TRAVESWilliamKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1906 
TREVENENJamesAtherton district, F.N.Q.18992
TREVENENSusanAtherton district, F.N.Q.18982
TWADDLEHaroldPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1940 
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VEIVERSWalter HillKuranda, F.N.Q.1912/14 
VOLLMERHAUSENMargaretaMaryborough district, central Qld.1875 
VOLLMERHAUSENWiegandMaryborough district, central Qld.1879
WALDRONJohn(location unknown)1905 
WALKERAlice Higson EthelDalrymple, N.Q.1882 
WAREHAMEdward John BullTownsville, N.Q.19092
WAVELLAlfred"Lawn Hill" station, Western Qld.1889 
WAYEMillyBustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1898 
WELDENJosephEureka Creek district, Qld.1905 
WELFORD Blackall district, Western Q.1870 
WENDTWilliam Fredericknear Moore, S.E. Qld.1981 
WHITEEmily MaudMt. Isa district, Western Q.1916 
WILKINSONElizabeth AnneBustard Head, near Gladstone, Q.1889 
WILLIAMSMary Ann (nee Martin)Georgetown district, F.N.Q.1891 
WILSONEdwardTownsville, N.Q.18961
WILSONIsabellaTownsville, N.Q.18891
WOODFORDJamesnear Alice Springs, N.T.19211
WOODROWGrace IreneKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1983 
WOODROWJamesKilcoy, S.E. Qld.1988 
WOODROWMargaret Annnear Moore, S.E. Qld.1924 
WOODROWRobert Jamesburied Crow's Nest, S.E. Qld.  
WOOTTENCharlesPrairie, Western Qld.1967 
WOOTTENMavis A.Prairie, Western Qld.1939 
WOWThomasPalmer River district, F.N.Q.1889 
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